Photos: Nrityamala Dancers

Last week I photographed Pitt’s International Festival, highlighting cultures from around the world. The entertainment portion of the festival presented many different forms of dance, but I have always particularly loved classical Indian dancing. Here is a selection of some photos from their performance.    

Falcon Fledgling

Pitt Chronicle: Falcon Fledgling

Last month I had the opportunity to go up to the top floor of the Cathedral of Learning for an exam of the newest fledgling falcon hatched by Dorothy, the peregrine falcon who has lived on top of the Cathedral for over a decade. One of these photos appeared in the June 15th issue of…

Vegetable Platter

Eyefull: Top Shabu Shabu

Recently I started a food photography gig for an app called Eyefull. The app provides high quality photos of meals at local restaurants, and they just expanded to Pittsburgh. My first job was shooting a new hot pot restaurant in Oakland: Top Shabu Shabu. Some of these photos will be featured on the app and…