Pitt Chronicle: European Festival

Pitt recently held a European Festival celebrating international culture replete with Irish dancers, fencing from the Society for Creative Anachronism, and many colorful booths. These are some of the photos I shot from the event, one was featured on the back page of Pitt Chronicle.    


Pitt Chronicle: Boxes & Walls

Last month I photographed an immersive exhibition at Pitt that recreated the experience of being disabled or oppressed for students in attempt to broker understanding. Here are some of the photos from Boxes & Walls, the article that accompanies them can be found online at Pitt Chronicle.


Pitt Chronicle: Creativity Center

Recently the University of Pittsburgh launched a new ‘Creativity Center’ in the basement of the bookstore on Fifth Ave. I was on hand for the groundbreaking party where there was a surprise flash mob, people drawing on the walls, and Chancellor Gallagher and Provost Beeson broke ground by being the first to splatter paint on…